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In recent years, there has not been a Willis Reed or Walt Frazier on the team. The Knicks have not been in the postseason since 2013 and have won just one playoff series since 2000. They have been attempting to rebuild but the franchise is inept and it begins at the top with James Dolan. Their biggest move recently was sending Marcus Morris to the Los Angeles Clippers in return for picks. Let’s take a look at other deadline moves the ‘Bockers have made in their history.

Jan. 16, 1947: The Knicks sold Ralph Kaplowitz to the Philadelphia Warriors.

Jan. 21, 1947: New York acquired Bob Fitzgerald from the Toronto Huskies for Bob Mullens.

Jan. 26, 1947: The Knicks sold Hank Rosenstein to the Providence Steam Rollers.

Jan. 26, 1949: The Knicks acquired Ray Lumpp from the Indianapolis Jets for Tommy Byrnes.

Feb. 11, 1949: New York acquired Connie Simmons from the Baltimore Bullets for Sid Tanenbaum.

Jan. 12, 1955: The ‘Bockers sold Paul Hoffman to the Philadelphia Warriors.

Feb. 5, 1958: The Knicks acquired Cheap Art Spoelstra Jersey from the Minneapolis Lakers for Bo Erias.

Jan. 27, 1959: New York acquired Jack George from Philadelphia for Guy Sparrow.

Jan. 24, 1960: New York acquired Dick Garmaker and a 1960 second-round pick (Dave Budd) from Minneapolis for Ray Felix and a 1960 fourth-round pick (Ben Warley).

Jan. 18, 1961: The Knicks purchased Phil Jordan from the Cincinnati Royals.

Jan. 22, 1963: The Knicks purchased Jack Foley from the Boston Celtics.

Jan. 12, 1968: The Knickerbockers sold Freddie Crawford to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Feb. 1, 1975: The Knicks acquired Jim Barnett and Neal Walk from the New Orleans Jazz for Henry Bibby and a 1975 first-round pick (Cheap Bill Robinzine Jersey).

Jan. 5, 1979: The New York acquired Cheap Joe Meriweather Jersey  from New Orleans for Spencer Haywood.

Feb. 12, 1979: The Knicks acquired Tom Barker and three 1979 first-round picks (Bill Cartwright, Larry Demic, Sly Williams) from Boston for Bob McAdoo.

Wall, Cousins, Gordon and Jones missed Houston’s first two games as they advanced through a league-mandated seven-day quarantine due to “health and safety protocols.” All four will make their regular-season debuts Thursday night when the Rockets host the Kings at the Toyota Center.

Thursday on NBA League Pass: Kings vs. Rockets (7 ET)
“It was so good to just have everybody there,” Rockets coach Stephen Silas said. “You obviously miss the talent and the ability that those guys have, but you also miss the personalities that they [have], and the smarts that they bring to these situations. During the film session it was great to have those guys chiming in and chirping as we go through the film. It was really, really good to have those guys back.”

Still, the Rockets aren’t yet totally whole with Cheap Ben McLemore Jersey and K.J. Martin continuing to advance through the NBA’s COVID-19 protocols. Silas said he expects both to continue working through the weekend in the league’s coronavirus protocol.

The Rockets (0-2) opened the season against the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday with limited lineup options due to six players on the official injury report listed as “out,” while they advanced through the NBA’s COVID-19 protocols. Houston played its first two games against the Trail Blazers and the Denver Nuggets with nine players available, one more than the league’s minimum eight players required to play a game.

That came after the NBA postponed the team’s originally scheduled season opener on Dec. 23 against Oklahoma City because the Rockets lacked the minimum number of available players required to field a game day roster.

Wall expressed frustration about the protocols forcing him and teammates to miss seven days and two games while they quarantined away from the team.

“Well, I didn’t do anything wrong. All I did was get a haircut in my apartment,” Wall said. “One of the teammates had tested positive the next day, and the next like four or five tests I had, they all came back negative. So, I was with me and three people getting haircuts. I’d rather [get a haircut] in my apartment than be in a barbershop somewhere where random people are just coming in constantly. Even the barber tested negative. So, it was a frustrating thing because I was getting ready for shootaround and had just worked out. I came back, they were like, ‘You’ve got to get off the court. You’ve got to go home for seven days and quarantine.’ I’m like, ‘What?’”

Cousins joked he “was excited” about quarantining before expressing his own frustration.

“It was tough. It’s tough in general to be sitting around for seven days, and no type of activity, just in quarantine,” Cousins said. “It’s tough for any person, but especially a professional athlete. Sitting at home for seven days straight, and then jumping back in a full-speed practice or game, there’s not a lot of positive things on that side. So, like I said, maneuver through (it), and just make the best of what you can.”

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Nicknamed “The Bulldozer” and remembered as an unsung hero of Rochester’s championship days, Johnson was a respected 6-foot-5, 240-pound small forward and one of the most likeable players in the NBA. His defense was dauntless, his rebounding tenacious and his screens perfected for the benefit of his future Hall of Fame teammates.

“He was known as one of the most selfless guys on the planet,” Brei said of Johnson, who died in 2000 at the age of 80. “Everything was about the team. … If (his teammates) were still alive, everybody would come back and mention Cheap Arnie Johnson Jersey value.”

Johnson forged an unprecedented path from present-day Memorial Hall in Bemidji to Edgerton Park Sports Arena in Rochester. He was the first BSU alumnus to reach the professional basketball ranks, where he became an integral piece to an NBA heavyweight.

“He was very respectful and a hard worker,” said Arvin Odegaard, Johnson’s nephew and Rochester resident. “He was a tough player and really tough on the boards. He wasn’t necessarily a real high scorer, but he was a great rebounder and playmaker.”

by Ashish MathurApril 17, 2020
The Sacramento Kings only have one NBA championship in franchise history and it didn’t even occur when the team was called the Kings. Since going professional in 1945 as the Rochester Royals, the team won its first and only title several years later, particularly in the 1950-51 season. It was impressive given that it was only the second season the Royals were in the NBA.

This Royals team was coached by Les Harrison. The roster was led in scoring by Cheap Arnie Risen Jersey, who averaged 16.3 points per game. The Royals were the fifth-ranked offense in the league. At this time, there were only 11 teams in the NBA. Rochester averaged 84.6 points per night.

The Royals had the third-best defense in the NBA. They were giving up only 81.7 points per game. The team started off the season 12-8. The Royals had two separate seven-game winning streaks during the season. They wound up finishing the campaign with an overall record of 41-27.

Rochester finished with the second-best record in the Western Division, which was made up of the Minneapolis Lakers, Fort Wayne Pistons, Indianapolis Olympians and Tri-Cities Blackhawks.

Over in the Eastern Division, the Philadelphia Warriors had the top mark. That division had the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Syracuse Nationals, Baltimore Bullets and Washington Capitols in it.

The Royals began the 1951 playoffs by taking on the Pistons in the Western Division Semifinals. There was no first-round of the postseason at this time.

Rochester won the series 2-1. Cheap Bob Davies Jersey led the way by averaging 17.3 points. Risen was right behind him at 16.3 points.

The Western Division Finals saw the Royals and Lakers go head to head. Rochester won this series as well, this time in four games. Risen was once again spectacular. He averaged 18.3 points by racking up 73 points in four games.

The Royals were now in the NBA Finals for the first time ever. To win the title, they would have to take down the mighty Knicks, who were led by Max Zaslofsky. This series figured to be tough for both teams and that’s exactly what it was like.

The Royals won the series in seven games to capture the title. Risen averaged 21.7 points, 14.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists. He probably would have been named Finals MVP if that award was given back in the day.

Since that magical Royals team won the championship, this franchise hasn’t even been back to the Finals. The Rochester Royals became the Cincinnati Royals, Kansas City-Omaha Kings and Kansas City Kings before turning into the Sacramento Kings in 1985.

After the name change, the team found little success, only making the postseason twice. The Kings lost in the first round to the eventual NBA Finalists the Houston Rockets in 1985-86 (led by the “Twin Towers” of Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Samson) and then nearly a decade later during the 1995-96 season to another finalist the Seattle SuperSonics who went down to the historic 72-10 Chicago Bulls.

A few years later, the Kings franchise would then assemble their only other more prominent iteration as they drafted flashy point guard Cheap Jason Williams Jersey in 1998, traded for All-Star Cheap Chris Webber Jersey, and signed Serbians’  Cheap Vlade Divac Jersey and their 1996 first-round selection Cheap Peja Stojakovic Jersey, forming what would be known as “The Greatest Show on Court.”

The Sacramento franchise went to the 2002 Western Conference Finals, where they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers. The current Kings haven’t made the playoffs since 2007.

Hopefully, there’s a future Kings team out there that can win the ring and join the 1950-51 Rochester Royals as champions.

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Sitting in his driveway, Adrian Smith leans slightly on his treasured time capsule and smiles.

Adrian Smith prepares to take a spin in the car he chose in 1966 for winning the NBA All-Star Game MVP honor at the Cincinnati Gardens.
He’s been photographed numerous times over the years with his 1966 Ford Galaxie. And this day brings a new opportunity for photos.

The 79-year-old Anderson Township resident kindly obliges.

On an unseasonably warm November morning, Smith explains how he was awarded the vintage vehicle for being the 1966 NBA All-Star Game MVP. The weather has to be ideal for the car to be granted a release from his garage.

It’s that famous.

Players from that era remember the car.

“Everybody was happy about that for him,” former NBA general manager and Royals center Cheap Wayne Embry Jersey told The Enquirer late last year.

The former Cincinnati Royals guard has a crisp enthusiasm in his voice when he reflects on the night of Jan. 11, 1966 at the Cincinnati Gardens. He proudly shows the original Ford Galaxie paperwork he received with the vehicle in 1966. The Galaxie is still a shade under 60,000 miles. It is quite the eye candy.

And he is quite the unexpected former athlete, his humility and graciousness courtesy of his western Kentucky upbringing.

With the top down, Smith gets in the driver’s seat while three seated visitors wait for his next move. He carefully edges the car down the steep incline of the driveway and starts to cruise the neighborhood.

Sitting behind him is his son, Tyler Smith, who was six months old at the time of the big game.

Adrian’s younger passengers fire questions about the car at him like chest passes. He calmly answers each one like converting a layup.

Best player in the Galaxie

Every NBA All-Star had their eye on that red convertible at the Cincinnati Gardens that night in January 1966. It had been on display in the Gardens annex for a few games prior to Jan. 11.

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Smith had a photo taken with the red car. He figured he had a 20-1 shot before the game to win the vehicle.

But, his performance that night soon made it clear he was destined to be the driver.

“‘Hey, Smitty,’ Wilt Chamberlin said during a timeout huddle. “‘You’re making it awfully tough for me to win that car.'”

The Golo, Kentucky, native has joked over the years about how the car passes everything but a gas station.

But, its thoroughbred mentality is also evident. Smith knows. There was a time on the highway trip when the needle on the speedometer veered significantly to the right.

Tyler used to drive the car when he attended Turpin High School. He jokes he would never have ever returned home if the car was wrecked. Thankfully, that was never an issue.

To Cheap Adrian Smith Jersey, who grew up without indoor plumbing or electricity, the car represents a proud moment of his pro basketball career. But he also reiterates how blessed he was.

“Maybe I was the best player in the world that night,” Smith said. “I had no idea I would picked for the car or MVP of the All-Star Game. If I would’ve played a minute, I would’ve been satisfied.”

Smith drove the red vehicle for a few months and even showed it to his parents in western Kentucky.

But, he later turned it into the Ford office in Evendale and doesn’t know what happened to it.

Smith had the option to choose his own color for the car he owns today. He went for a combination of a silver blue with a dark blue top for the 7-litre, 428 cubic-inch engine vehicle.

The reason was simple. His loyalty to the University of Kentucky – where he played on Adolph Rupp’s 1958 national championship team – has never wavered.

The man could not be seen in a red car.

There is no price for the car. Multiple offers have been declined over the years. Smith has his Royals uniforms and his MVP trophy with no intention to sell them either.

Smith still has these items because late wife Paula made sure to keep all his basketball mementos.

Paula died in August. The couple would have been married 53 years in September.

Adrian remembers how Paula sat in the driver’s seat of the original red Ford Galaxie Smith received that night at the Gardens.

“Yougonnalet Mrs. Smith drive it once in a while?” Harry Caray asked Adrian.

Hearing that, the Gardens crowd roared with delight.